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Oct 1, - Please forgive, but I have disabled all comments for the blog for now. The image is one choice (from a hentai game by Vanadis, the company.

Slave Maker 3.5

I have however it is yet to display the slaves from even though slavemaker blog displays all of those including vanilla from the first 5 packs.

Most likely you have a corrupt xml or txt file in your Slaves folder. Try downloading this and extract into the Slaves folder https: I'm currently encountering a bug where dickgirl images slavemaker blog showing up in slavemaoer places despite having the option turned off since the start of the game.

Currently training Eri who has this problem with Cammy as an assistant. Minor slave Soavemaker has the issue as slavemaker blog. With Eri at least this wasn't the case a few versions ago, is it slavemaker blog to the data load errors?

Feb 12, - Best Answer: Well it is a hentai satire of the Princess Maker game(s). Being that it is the only h-game I've ever played I don't think I'm in a position to really rate it Slavemaker 3 I looked at its blog but couldn't find it.

Now s,avemaker the next I've downloaded all the files; how do i extract them I've heard the names of programs like winrar an 7zip but which of those do I download an use? Slavemaker blog does one get them from; slavemaker blog does lesbian sex uncensored exactly get the files an turned them into the game?

blog slavemaker

I sexy strip poker ask because I am not really slavemaker blog that good with computers they tend to hate me. I would suggest then you use the torrent and just download the entire game and be fully working. I went to 7-zip like you said but which one do I download; but of the 7-Zip 9.

slavemaker blog

blog slavemaker

I know this is 32 bit but I have'nt a clue as princess peach hentai game which forgive me if I'm being a pain. Download the latest version. If you are running windows download the slavemaker blog or exe version and run it eithe when asked when downloading or once downloaded double click on the file.

It is an installer. It should guide slavemaker blog through the installation process. The bit ZIP archive is the standalone version for the console: So no installation is needed for it.

You simply extract the files and use the program. You could get it from http: Slavemaker blog, I use Cosmi PerfectZip.

I porn anime game yet to run into any compressed file type that it can't open. Two bugs that I'm wondering if I'm just an unlucky bastard for getting: I had a lot of the minor female slaves so that clearly was not the case. The other issue is with Yoruichi's custom slavemaker blog not increasing at all. Makes it rather difficult to get her special endings.

Anyway neither bug is game breaking, just wondering if these were exclusive to slavemaker blog or if others have experienced them sslavemaker slavemaker blog. Just to shoot down the obvious response, I'm pretty sure I have the most up to date files. Do you have "Lesbians love dickgirls" enabled in options?


Did not realize that would online sex ganes a barrier since the other slaves were not strictly lesbians. Anon, It gets even funnier when your Hemaphrodite slaves start getting listed as males when you slavemaker blog to assign them to Evening trainings. I can't help you with Yoruichi, but I can tell you that the last slavemaker blog I trained her, by the time I finally started meeting the people that I needed to for slavemaker blog cat rituals, it was too late to complete them.

I did at least deliver her as a full Catgirl slave, however.

Jan 23, - Slave Maker 3 by Pooloka and cmacleod42Type: management Size: mb Rating: 15/20 killerxblog asked: on different parts of the game (work, bad event, minigame, and even unlocking certain sex scene pics).

Not sure if I'm just doing best hentai game ever wrong, but I can't get a bolg confession when I use a Female trainer. It works with the Male trainer though.

My basic test was this: I used the advanced method to slavemaker blog a female and male trainer the Lesbian Trainer 1 skill. I chose Slavemaker blog since she started at 50 sexuality.

blog slavemaker

I also tried with just the female trainer. In the morning, Adult sexs just have her rest. Within a few slavemaker blog, Male trainer gets the lesbian confession and the sexuality drops down to nothing. For the Female trainer, the bar stays hovering exactly at Even if I continue to use tribadism for the next few weeks, the sexuality bar stays exactly where it is.

I tested with 3. Both versions had the same thing happen. Slavemaker blog there something I'm not getting about using the female trainer, or is this a bug? For a female you need to get a love confession from the slave. So this takes slavemaker blog bit longer, try lots of kiss acts for a bit.

blog slavemaker

Thanks for clearing that up! It's ok if it takes longer. I just needed to be slavemaker blog, otherwise I'd still be looking for a separate confession. Once again, blgo the response. I was under the impression that you couldn't get a Lesbian confession slavrmaker Lesbian Trainer Level 1. The in game text states "Can only get the Bisexual Ending". You get the confession simply mindy gallery, but a max lesbian skills are limited b the ending noted at the skavemaker slavemaker blog is different The basic slavemaker blog is otherwise the same.

I love the theme of your Amazon dickgirls, is there a file i can edit to enable lesbian acts for amazons? No, no date planned, I may do another bug fix before then but no date specific there either.

Found two slavemaker blog issues that have not stopped me playing the game but did work in 3. When creating your character if you pick a package option 0 is not in the list. Right now it sits out side of the list underneath spiderman sex games character picture.

In the assistant selection screen most of the assistant descriptions have disappeared slavemaker blog have defaulted to a slave maker for hire statement. I do not undertand your issue for 1. That is slavemaker blog I had intended option 0 to slavemaker blog shown 2.

I've sent my slave to walk in the forest with my assistant or with myself as slave trainer, for up to fifty days in a row and yet nothing happens. I looked in various the various image folders and the one picture with the band of dark elves is nowhere to be found.

There is one image that strikes me as odd. It's called slavemaker blog, and it's slavemaker blog small yellow triangle with a black exclamation mark inside. Is that normal or has slavemaker blog possibly been uncensored hentai flash games and or otherwise gone wrong? I was looking for those events in the previous release, and it didn't seem to be there.

So unless you're playing Sandbox, I can't think of any other explanation.

blog slavemaker

About the small yellow box with an exclamation mark, that's quite odd. I'm stumped as well. But as Sqark noted it is a one-off event. So try starting slavemaker blog new game and see if it happens after the necessary visits to the Count. I have slavemaker blog trying to do this, but so far I have only succeeded in getting my dickgirls slavemaker blog with my female slavemaker's child.

I dunno how either Is there slavemakeer I can do to fix that? Try to go find your slave when she get kidnapped, lose against the tentacles and submit with bad ends off, preferably. At least, it worked for me: What version of the game are you using? Elana champion of lust chapter 1 do you sims sex games contraceptives turned off for your slave maker? And as slavemaker blog tentacles ignore contraceptives.

Sinner's Quill: Super Slave Maker RPG

I cant pick ranma as a slave and Tifa is missing her images how do i fix this? What happens if you overwatch porn games Ranma as a slave? I patched my file and i slavemaker blog still missing parts of my saves like visits, having the ruins unlocked etc. Just going to say that this runs on my htc one with really no issue at all on android using a swf player from the play store.

However, the latest torrent crashes on any torrent client I use on android. Was able to torrent part of the game slavemaker blog see if it was working got ten days in but I'm missing slavemakdr of the extra slaves and bloy. Thanks for the info that it works on your Android device! The latest torrent is large 3. The usual suggestion is to try a different clien. Otherwise you House of Morecock in Moby Dick 3 download the packs via the direct download or filehost links and extract to the game folder.

A script in this movie is causing adobe flash player 9 to run slowly. Anon, That slavemaker blog like a good old-fashioned RAM issue add moreor perhaps try updating Flash adult simulation game see if it helps.

It might be an OS issue as well. Which one are you running? None of the files are there anymore, i've been trying to get this game to work and this is as far as i ever get.

For loz hentai reason my trainer's constitution keeps resetting to 0 at the start of each day. Has anyone else had this problem?

I downloaded the torrent, and after it finished, I tried to run it, and it seemed slavemaker blog work. But then as I click blo game' it seems to load forever. I've been waiting slavemaker blog waiting but it won't load!!! I only just downloaded slavemaker blog game, and when I tried to start a new game, it couldn't get past the loading.

Slavemaker blog there something that can fix this? I have A problem with Riesz, I can't buy her dresses, can only buy the uniforms, can it be fixed or is it suppose to be like that? When I try to slavemaked Rei, she automaticly turns into Ayanami Rei. Any clue whats wrong?

The game doesn't start up, when I slavemaker blog on New Game it just stays on "Wait".

blog slavemaker

You know what's annoying? Trying to start a new game after an hour download just to slavemaker blog a girl with a whip saying "WAIT Certain pictures like the profile picture, the housing choices are gone, leaving nothing slavemaker blog blankness.

blog slavemaker

Slavemaker blog i savemaker get past "pick an assistant" because there are no pandora porn game. I had most of the slave packs without the first one and before i installed the first slave pack i could train slave as a freelancer without time limit i installed slave pack 1 and slavemaker blog even if i am a freelancer i have a time limit for training is it a bug or something?

Hey when I use the slavemaker blog a walk action to go slavemaker blog except palace, town center and slavemaker blog slave market I get the background picture and the tabs no way to continue other then load and no events are happening.

I am using Version 3. Okay with my current slave I can go to the lake but so far it's still the same. Okay porn game android port last update if I go to options and come back I can click the next button to end the action but still no events. When I try to start a new game, all I get is slavemaker blog animation of the lady with the whip.

I'be tried letting it load, but it doesn't change. I have the same problem. Tried slabemaker flash player, but still can't start the game. Having an issue where I load the game, and i get to teh Slave Market segment after character creation and it just goes slavemaker blog the "wait" loading screen and freezes. - Interactive Game Database (IGDB)

What about the children?? Interact at all with them? She will be a minor slave, not sure about sex content considering age, but she is not human after all, and Gardevoir has as similar qualifier. After this it will be a matter of choosing basically creating my army goombella hentai tentacle minions and aiming for a slavemaker blog conquest type scenario or instead slavemaker blog for a 'life goes on' sort of slavemaker blog.

blog slavemaker

This is a mind control game using real slavemaker blog images. This was made by the developer of some classic mind control games 'Rough Landing' both 1 and 2. A Zombies Life from Slavemaker blog Nest. A mostly incest based slavemaker blog non-family options will Sex on the Beach available in future set after the zombie apocalypse heavily influenced by the game Urban X Slavemakwr.

Fairly complete too Strive For Power http: Posted by cmacleod42 at 1: Saturday, May 14, I am not a fan of Windows I was just doing some work on the game again, just slavemaker blog for bugs and small tweaks and Windows crashed on me a few times.

Since I upgraded to Windows 10 I keep seeing Explorer crashing a lot, and a lot of things just run poorly in comparison to my previous Windows 7 installation. Slavemaer my computer is quite old, still a 32 bit system with only 2Gb usable memory.

blog slavemaker

I slave,aker a slavemaker blog of similar nature, running Vista I am going to have to upgrade that soon as it is nearing it's end of life When I can afford it I will have to get a new desktop system, when I can afford it.

Still, enough complaining, it is the current Windows, and Porngames adult free am a computer professional so I slavemaker blog it slavemaker blog gain knowledge and experience, but I do not like it! As an aside, still got a damned cold, but the temperatures have passed and just feeling run down and coughing a bit.

Slavemaker blog the strain going around in my local area is a particularly long lasting one, not as sever as many, just hangs around a lot. But I am a diabetic bllog these things hit me a bit harder. Posted by cmacleod42 at 5: If you had edited slavemaker blog file you will have to re- apply your edits. For some peoples reports some of these issues seem more tied to the executable version of the game.

blog slavemaker

If porngames apk are using it them I suggest using the swf version on the game. To use it either. Note slavemaker blog some common reports. No need to report any of these issues. Lady Grey has no images slavemaker blog she is a member of your household.

This is a limitation of the current event implementation and is now a 3rd party event.

Slave Maker

Minimum values 'bar' do not appear for statistics. Some documentation changes but not as much as there should be.

blog slavemaker

This is of slavfmaker use for a person who is playing the game, only for people who wish to develop free adult role playing games content for the game.

Slave Maker - train your own slave in this adult game. The slavemaker blog takes slavemaker blog in the kingdom of Mioya which is well known for the slaves trained there.

These girls are trained to serve their masters in every possible way.

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